The Healthy Arteries Worldwide Campaign is a collaboration among MESI, national organisations and representatives from participating countries. The campaign represents an outreach arm of the Peripheral Arterial Disease awareness project, focused on getting messages about the facts and consequences of this common disease into your communities.



The PAD awareness campaign focuses on patients. It helps them get information about PAD and encourage them to ask for ABI measurements at their doctor’s clinic. Through communication tools and community support, the project will raise awareness among patients and their relatives about Peripheral Arterial Disease, its risk factors and consequences and life once diagnosed with the disease.

Through innovative and interactive project activities, the patient will become familiar with the important facts of this disease and the importance of ABI measurement. At the same time, the project will contribute to the recognition of the disease and its symptoms with emphasis on prevention.



Warner & Webster

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EBOS Healthcare

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MESI Symplifying Diagnostics

Fully dedicated to improving public health, MESI is crowdfunding this project that will empower people passionate about creating awareness for PAD. Healthy Arteries Project provides a platform for learning, supporting and sharing information about PAD Awareness, a global public health campaign led by you and with support of non-profit organizations and the funding needed to implement them.

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